Reflective Mirror Type LED

Plastic Mold type

Packed on a precise and compact Square-size package with reflective mirror inside, AOP-series realizes greater performance of radiation efficiency (more than 90% of LED chip).  Its shaft radiant intensity is about two times as high as the one of the normal molded type LED.  The light from LED chip emitted onto the integral mirror inside of the package is reflected outside as the well-controlled parallel beam with higher performance.



The light from LED chip is reflected by the reflective mirror inside of the package and radiated outside as the parallel beam.


  • Irradiating the Excellent Parallel Beam
  • High Radiant Intensity (more than two times as high as the normal mold type LED)
  • Pb-free, RoHS Compliant Model
  • Compact Size (the height: less than 3mm)
  • High Reliability


  • Illuminator, Floodlight and Display (Indoor and Outdoor Purpose)
  • Security Systems (for IR Camera, License Plate Recognition)
  • Image Detection
  • Medical Analyzer
  • Optical Transmissions
  • Rotary Encoders

Custom Assembly and Applied Product of Reflective Mirror Type LED

  • Board assembly

    Board Assembly

IR Spotlight LED Unit ~HIGH POWER Mirror Type LED~

Infrared Spot Light LED Unit can realize an excellent beam light with extremely high radiant intensity (±4°).  Alpha-One successfully developed it with the excellent and unique optical technology by combining the high-power mirror type LED and the Fresnel lens.  It is suitable and more convenient for light source for a long-distance irradiation such as surveillance system (IR illuminator for CCD cameras).

IR Spotlight LED Unit ~HIGH POWER Mirror Type LED~
Model No. AO850-4U: λp 850nm
Radiant Intensity:
16W/sr (IF=650mA)
160W/sr (IFP=8A)
Model No. AO940-4U: λp 940nm
Radiant Intensity:
10W/sr (IF=500A)
20W/sr (IFP=14.4A)