A supplier of high quality LEDs, photodiodes, and other optical equipments.
Alpha-One Electronics Ltd. is an expert of optical technology and supports to design,
to develop and arrange the assembly of various optoelectronic devices.
The data sheet is available with PDF file.
Excellent parallel ray LED and glass slit disk for the optical rotary encoders
Small & Compact 850nm high power LED for IR illuminators
340mW/sr at 100mA with ア7ーof viewing angle
IR Illuminator for surveillance system
Long distance infrared illuminator with reflective mirror type LED
Infrared spotlight LED unit for long-distance surveillance system
An assembly unit with 4pcs of Fresnel lens and high power mirror type LED
Thin film: Color IR Window
IR transmissive filter with various color tones
High Power LED Unit
Reflective Mirror Type LED: AOP6-series x 2 assembled unit
Surface Mount Type (SMT) Visible Light Sensor
Small and compact size Photo IC: AC-462
Light Source LED for medical applications
770nm, 740nm, 770nm, 805nm and 810nm LED
High Power LED (AOP6-series)
Radiant Intensity: more than 1W/sr, Brightness: more than 80cd.
Infrared LED with high output intensity
Reflective Mirror Type LED (AOP-series) with special wavelength
Photo IC as light sensor with visible wavelength
AC-series which can be a replacement for CdS Photocells
Ultra-violet LED (355nm~405nm)
Great Performance LED & Board assembly
Customized PWB installed AOP-series
Transmission type Photo interrupter
Super high performance & dust proof model for object passing
λP=805nm LED
Light source for medical analyzers as well as leaser diode
Light source LED for security systems
Self Identification by iris, venous pattern, fingerprint, etc.
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